At work and home

At Work

Personal Inspection Tool

Quite simply, the Arsenz TheramoGlass is something that any operator can benefit from. Thermography gives a fast, inside view for troubleshooting issues with electricity systems, machines, buildings, and more.

Electricity Systems

For instance, the Arsenz ThermoGlass makes it simple to quickly and safely check electricity problems in panels and wires. It’s a must have tool for anyone who finds themselves doing this a lot in the course of their work.

Mechanical Systems

From checking a machine is working properly, to fine tuning an engine, the Arsenz ThermoGlass lets anyone see simply whether something is in good working order.

Building Inspection

The device can also help with a variety of building inspection problems, such as checking for a leaking pipe, and identifying areas where heat is being lost so that you can make the building more energy-efficient.

Manufacturing Process

The Arsenz ThermoGlass makes it easier than ever to check the temperatures of machines such as drillers, to make sure they do not overheat. Whether it’s indoors or out in the field, this device makes your job a whole lot easier.


The simple night vision mode also allows security personnel to detect intruders.

In Life

Personal Inspection Tool

There are also a variety of ways it can be used in your daily life.


Easily check your tires and engine for any potential breakages or weak spots.

Outdoor Leisure Activity

Paintball, scout game, animal observation

House maintenance

trouble shoot leaking pipes and electrical overheating, as well as improving your energy efficiency by seeing where heat gets out.