ARSENZ ThermoGlass

enables the user to conveniently and accurately obtain thermal imaging at a glance. Quickly troubleshoot and analyze hidden issues to make work and life easier.

Wearable and Hands-free

Allows you to stay focused on the object you are inspecting, while simultaneously using your hands for other important tasks, such as taking notes or operating machinery and tools.

Easy to Operate

With just the touch of a button, you can switch through various display modes to find the one that fits your needs. It even comes with simple temperature meter and night vision mode, to add plenty more potential uses to the device.


Clip On Design

The mounting system is compatible with eyewear or safty helmet, and at 23 grams, wearing the device is effortless.

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Connects to Mobile Devices

Plug USB cable to link with your Android mobile device. You’re able to see thermal imaging from your mobile device in real time, as well as providing extra battery life – letting you use it for even longer without worrying about the power supply.

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At Work

With plenty of industrial uses, such as checking many different types of facility, the ARSENZ ThermoGlass is a useful inspection tool that provides the ideal way of accurately and efficiently obtaining thermal readings (Type TG1).

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In Life

From house maintenance to hobbyists, there are a variety of functional ways the ARSENZ ThemoGlass can be put to use in your daily life, too.

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With a unique see-through display, infrared sensor, and a compact, easy to use design, the ARSENZ ThermoGlass can be used by anybody- just mount it onto a pair of glasses, and it’s ready to go.

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