Product Feature

Product Feature

  • Weight: 23 gram  (w/o eyewear frame)
  • Color: Metal Black
  • IP65  dust proof and water proof rating
  • Flexible mounting system for your eyewear frame and safety helmet.
  • Adapts to both left and right eye users.



Long Wave Infrared Sensor

  • LWIR Technology
  • 80×60 @9FPS
  • 51° FOV

See Through Display

  • See through HUD
  • QVGA


Multiple Display Modes for Your Mission

Rainbow, Iron, white-hot, black-hot, and Temperature read-out


Image Storage

  • 4GB Internal storage
  • Available to access from USB. Recognize as mass storage device; Plug and play
  • 999999 Pictures


Connectivity to mobile device

  • Android device.Provide user an alternative way to see thermal image from mobile device in realtime.



  • Two hours of operating time on one charge
  • Support USB OTG charging