ThermoGlass – Model TG1-NC


Models: TG1-NC
Function: personal wearable thermal imaging camera
Thermal Image Sensor: Thermal by FLIR, LWIR 160×120 Pixels
Intra-scene Range: -10° to 120°C/ -10° to 380°C
Visible Image Sensor: OmnniVision, RGB 320×240 Pixels
Display: 320×240 See-through HUD display

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ARSENZ’s ThermoGlass – Model TG1-NC efficiently contributes to work to another level, enables convenient thermal reading at a glance, quickly troubleshoot and analyze hidden thermal issues to make work easier as well as free user’s hands for multi-tasking.

It is a powerful tool for various user scenarios eg. vehicle diagnostic, building inspection, electricity system diagnostics, mechanical system diagnostics, operations and maintenance, manufacturing process, HVAC diagnostics, security, and more. This tool really helps trouble-shooting and saves a lot of time.

Additional information

Thermal Image Sensor

LWIR/ 160×120 Pixels/ 56°FOV
Thermal sensitivity <50 mK (0.05° C)
Frame Rate: 8.8 FPS

Intra-scene Range

High Gain: -20° to 120°C
Low Gain: -20° to 380°C

Radiometric Accuracy

High Gain: Greater of +/- 5°C or 5%, typical
Low Gain: Greater of +/- 10°C or 10%, typical

Thermal Display Settings

11 color palettes
Region of interest (ROI)
Temperature of interest (TOI)


Adjustable from 0.01 to 1.0


See through display
QVGA 320×240/ HFOV 11.4°/ VFOV 8.5°/ Ref size 14.8"

Visible Image Sensor

CMOS/ 160x120Pixels

Image Storage

Build in memory
Up to 9999 thermal and visible images

Battery Life

Approx. 1 Hour and 20 mins

Device Weight

Approx. 40g (w/o mount)

IP Rating


Optimum operating temperature

0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F)


Waterproof & crushproof case, magnetic USB cable, OTG adapter, screw driver, glass cleaning cloth

Mount options

Safety glasses and mount
Head mount strap
Safety helmet mount


USB Mass Storage Device for PC with magnetic USB cable